Our students had participated in this event held at National Law School Bengaluru and a  report on the proceedings by Mr. Kumaraswamy final year L.L.B student is given below

ARTICLE ON VISIT TO THE NLSIU for One Day Workshop on Environmental law Clinic

We had been to National Law school of India which conducted a one day seminar on ‘Environment & knowledge dissemination’ program held on 5th November,2016. The occasion was chaired by Sri. Jus. N.Kumar, Dr. Yellappa Reddy , Prof. (Dr.) Venkata Rao, Prof. M.K.Ramesh. As many as various law colleges , degree colleges and even schools participated in the event.

When Prof. Sairam Bhat started with the inaugural speech and cried out for the protection of the ‘mother Earth’ and he even told his helplessness during a visit to his native place near Mysore.

He told that, a tractor carrying on a load of hazardous wastes were being dumped in the open space near Ramanagaram district thereby polluting the nature. Even though he followed the tractor and knowing the ill effects of the act, could not do anything but remain silent at that particular moment. But in order to prevent this type of future happenings, his teammates and himself are releasing an app named ‘ECO SAVIOUR APP’ whereby when a person sees such kind of activities then he can just  take a snap using the app and report it to the concerned authority.

The Hon’ble  Jus. N. Kumar concerned about the environment, he quoted the fundamental rights which corresponds  with the fundamental duties. We have various laws relating to environment but the implication which we are seeing his at a very low level.

Dr. Yellappa Reddy’s speech was an eye opener to all of us. He explained the attitude of the animals living in forest. The purity, clarity and more emphasised on the unity among themselves.

To be frank we do not see garbage piling up in forest, no court cases, no legislations, etc. But in the society we live eventhough it is for the welfare , we are not able to lead a life as that of a mammals in the jungle.

In the name of development we are destroying the nature. For eg. Bangalore was once known as garden city until it was recognised by the foreign country as the city which is piling up garbage. For that tagline was ‘clean Bangalore, green Bangalore’. But now we are very unfortunate to change the tagline as ’develop Bengaluru, pollute Bengaluru’.

Prof. M.K.Ramesh told about the advice given by his brother who happens to be a cardiologist, to patients that take rest in the villages, where they can see sunrise, hear chirping of the birds, etc. The rythm of the environment to sink with that of the heartbeat will show a steady and fast recovery of the ailment.

We had many power point presentations relating to environment, after seeing that many of the colleges came and opined about the future course of action towards the nature. One of the college promised to clean up the Mangalore beach. Many of the colleges were speaking about the environmental activities that they have taken up. Many rallies, environment trips , plays, poster & drawing  competitons, etc., were conducted in order to create awareness.

When we come to my point of view, i was like when come to my personal ambit, i should have a two and four wheeler, a site and with a spacious decorated interiors & a happy family. Evethough this statement my selfishness, now i  opine that  i should be selfish in the matter of clean air, water, fertile soil and all the panch tatvas the nature is equipped with. For that nothing more i have to do his but just apply my senses and go according to the nature as that of the mammals do in the forest.

Though it may only seem to be theoritical but with sincere efforts we can use the technology; In what way means like ‘no cnadescent light day’, ‘odd even rule’ like that of delhi, ‘no horn day’, ‘public transport day’, etc. Which can reduce pollution.

Morethan all these especially in the matters relating to the environment , the approach of human being should be like ‘being human’, this method helps in achieving the desired reults to protect our “mother earth”.






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